V3 Motorsport Carbon Front Diffuser


  • Description


    Winner of open class World Time Attack  2014,2015,2017,2018 and the ultimate JDM yard racing team,

    First FWD car to ever win this competition in the world three times in 2015, 2017, and 2018 by 0.7 seconds ahead of the competition.

    Used and tested in many class e.g: Sport sedan, sport car class, Time attack, etc with one very
    obvious results.

    Specifically designed to produce excellent amount of downforce and reduce drag by lowering pressure in front of front wheel and redirecting flow toward outside of vehicle instead of into engine bay unlike many competitor’s design.

    Multiple planes and elevation in the outer and back part of the diffuser to persuade flow direction.

    Optional addition aerodynamic tuning:

    • Standard endplate $420, designed to direct air and clean up air flow reducing air spillage underneath due to pressure difference. Installed on carbon R32 below on the outer edges of the diffuser.
    • Pro end plate $640, specifically designed to direct air, clean up flow on the sides while producing downforce in the tunnel. this unit reduce drag by reducing high pressure zone in front of front wheels.


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