Road to WTAC

“Just wing it mate”

by Freddy Carbon


Topstage V3 aerodynamic equiped JDMyard EG6 civic piloted by #pornstar Adam Casmiri, takes the WIN for the second time in open class taking lead by at 1:27.5 which 2 seconds faster than last year’s  winning car. No one in open class Champions ever take 1st place podium twice.

Matt Longhurst’s R34 monster equiped with Topstage V3 aerodynamic vents, Front diffuser with additional fins and endplates clocked 1:28.4, finished third place by 0.1 seconds from 2nd place winner.

Daniel Burton unfortunate DNF finish due to fire damage was spectacularly heart wrenching ending to Xtreme GTR race team.  On the bright side now the team have 12 months of testing and development for 2018 entry.

Drew Hall finished with 1:33.1 with his full V3 R34 gtr AM driver, shaving 2 second from previous year

Jason Dorrington with 1:37.1 with his full V3 FD rx7 AM driver shaving a massive 7 seconds after the aero and mechanical upgrades.

Very successful year for Topstage S14, Podium in Vivid Motorsport day in Winton clocked 1:26 on medium compound 38’c heat.

Podium finish at Victorian Time Attack in Phillip Island International Circuit clocked 1:35.2 along side Jason Dorrington’s Full carbon V3 FD clocked 1:38.4


The year year when Topstage S14 to take down open class S chassis driven by John Richardson record by 1.4 seconds at World Time Attack Challenge. Clocked 1:32.3 on our first lap followed by right side front billet upright failure that crippled us for the weekend. The only car in the field with OEM factory gearbox in a sea of Sequential gearboxes with less than 400rwkw


Mission Impossible.

First ever FWD ever win WTAC open class, Topstage equipped JDMyard civic piloted by #pornstar Adam Casmiri clocked 1:30.7 beating second place by 0.1 seconds. Our constant evolution in Aerodynamic pushed race cars to its limit. Thank you to JDMyard racing team to allow us to take care of the Aerodynamic department and push a car to its limit.

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Predicted ” Topstage Composites, will they rule WTAC open class?”

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1/2/3 podium clean up, V3 aerodynamic launch couldnt get any better.

  • 1st place 1:30.4 Steve Ka with our V3 full carbon R34 GTR front end package and GT3 rear wing.
  • 2nd place 1:30.9 Dennis Resi with our R32 front end aerodynamic package.
  • 3rd place 1:31.3 RTR evo with a crazy 3 weeks built from scratch using our first V3 rear wing. “Podium car straight out from the box”


V3 aerodynamic first’s appearance.

Topstage equipped Open class competitors:

  • BYP DC2 integra, First FWD to ever take 3rd place open class Podium clocking 1:32.6 beating our FWD competitor’s personal car in Pro class by 8 seconds.
  • Tunehouse racing with our GT3 rear wing clocked 1:34.6 ,
  • Steve Ka with our V3 front diffuser and lip setup clocked 1:34.7,
  • Topstage’s S14 with V3 front diffuser and Rear wing clocking 1:42.9, First ever appearance of Topstage’s S14 which has its dramas 3 weeks prior to the event due to hose failure which killed our built engine and forced to compete with OEM sr20det straight from factory tuned S14.
  • Jeff Blakeley’s 260Z with our Basic V3 aerodynamic gear clocking 1:49.8


V3 Aerodynamic body packaging with Gt3 rear wing on Adam Newton’s R32 Gts-t finished 8th clocking 1:35.4 and Jason Dorrington’s FD rx7 clocking 1:43.3

The year when Topstage tested the first evolution of V3 front diffuser concept in a calibra sport sedan owned by DPH with successful results.


First taste of WTAC with Drew Reed’s evo V clocking 1:43.8

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