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  • Description

    Order Cheap Valium Online, Buy Diazepam Roche

    Weigh approx 1.8kg, Carbon fiber dash specifically designed for motorsport application
    (race cars with roll cage without oem door trims or uses flat door trims)

    Safety features:
    – Removable switch face
    – Built in switch board box/ gauge box for easy access.
    – Shrouded display to reduce display reflections
    – Dry carbon

    Will fit: with minor modification or trimming with custom brackets
    Nissan 180SX/S13/S14/S15
    Nissan R32/R33/R34
    Mitsubishi Evo 5/6/7/8/9/10
    Mazda RX7 FD/FC
    and any large size sedan/ Ute

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